Saturday, September 16, 2017

Group BBQ Party for Greeting New Students and Farewell to Prof. Wo

Illinois ASEers had a fantastic BBQ party at Hessel Park on Saturday evening to welcome new graduate students, Joey, Liia, Wenyu, Yue and Zexuan, and say farewell to Prof. Wo, our visiting professor from Beihang University.

Preparing lots of foods for the party...

Special thanks to Mingming and Liia for their awesome cooking!

We had many attendees: Chiao, David (Wei), Joey (Jiayi), Jonathan, Liia, Mingming, Ping, Wenyu, Wing, Prof. Wo, Prof. Xie, Xueqing, Yue, Zexuan, Zhengkai, etc. Everybody enjoyed the food and the games!

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