Friday, May 3, 2019

Congratulations to Angello for his accepted paper at PLDI 2019!

The paper "Learning Stateful Preconditions Modulo a Test Generator" was accepted by PLDI 2019. The conference is to be held from June 22-June 26, 2019 in Phoenix, AZ.

Angello Astorga
, a PhD candidate of our ASE group, is the first author of the paper.

Congratulations to Angello and the co-authors Madhu, Shambwaditya, Shiyu, and Tao!

Congratulations to Graduating Students Liia, Shirdon, Xueqing, Zexuan!

Four ASEers, Liia Butler, Shirdon Gorse, Xueqing (Susan) Liu, and Zexuan Zhong, are going to graduate the end of this Fall 2019 or this Summer 2019, congratulations!

Liia will continue her PhD career in the Illinois ASE group. Shirdon will join Uber. Xueqing will make a career choice soon. Zexuan will become a PhD student at Princeton starting this fall.

The Illinois ASE group held a farewell meeting for them. They shared invaluable moments and advice to other ASEers.

From left to right, first row: Liia, Zexuan, Tao, and Xueqing(Susan); second row: Neil (Zirui), Zhilei, Linyi, Wenyu, Shirdon, Jonathan, and Zhengkai.

Wish them all the best in their future career!

ASE Group Celebration for End of Academic Year

Illinois ASEers had a wonderful celebration for End of 2018-19 Academic Year!

We (almost) cracked this escape room.

Had an awesome potluck party, table tennis & board games!

Congratulations to Zexuan and Zhengkai for Achievements in ICPC 2019 World Finals!

The 2019 ICPC (International Collegiate Programming Contest) World Finals was held from March 31 to April 5, 2019 in Porto, Portugal.

圖像裡可能有4 個人、微笑的人

Zexuan Zhong, an ASE MS student, attended the event as the team member of University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana. Zhengkai Wu, an ASE PhD student, is a co-coach of the team.

In Pre-competition Challenge on Neural Networks, the team ranked second among all teams! Zhengkai won the Coaches' Challenge!

In the main competition, the team solved 4 problems out of 11.

Congratulations to Zexuan, Zhengkai, and University of Illinois team!