Saturday, November 28, 2015

Illinois ASE Group Pre-Holiday Gathering

Illinois ASE Group Pre-Holiday Gathering on November 13, 2015 for celebrating the achievements of the group, with food, drink and board games! See the ASEers' happy faces and good food below! (Two ASEers Wesley and David were absent due to other things.)

Tao Xie's Collaboration on Pex Benefits Microsoft and CS Education (An Illinois CS Click! Magazine article)

Since the mid-2000s, CS Professor Tao Xie has been working with Microsoft Research to develop more effective software testing methods, helping the company improve the utility and impact of its software development tools. At the same time, Microsoft Research has facilitated the development of educational resources for use in teaching computer science. Xie’s collaboration is an excellent example of how interactions between industry and academia can provide benefits to both spheres.

Read the full story in an Illinois CS Click! Magazine article on "Xie’s Collaboration on Pex Benefits Microsoft and CS Education"

Congratulations to Ping on Winning the 2015 ACM Mid-Central USA Programming Contest and Moving on to Compete in the ACM-ICPC World Finals 2016 in Thailand

Siwakorn (Ping) Srisakaokul is one the three members in an Illinois CS Team (Poor Man's Shield) competing in the 2015 Mid-Central Regional contest for the ACM’s annual International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) on Saturday, November 7, 2015. The team won the competition against strong opponents from other top institutions in the regional contest such as University of Chicago and Northwestern. More details about the contest are here.

Ping's team will move on to compete in the ACM-ICPC World Finals 2016 in Thailand (Ping's home country!) next May!! Wish Ping's team the best in the World Finals!

Friday, November 27, 2015

Professor Tao Xie Named a 2015 ACM Distinguished Scientist

Recently Professor Tao Xie, the lead of the Illinois ASE Group, was named a 2015 ACM Distinguished Scientist for his contributions (along with his team's contributions) in the field of Computer Science!

From the ACM 2015 Distinguished Members Press Release

"The 2015 ACM Distinguished Members are drawn from leading academic institutions, as well as corporate and national research laboratories around the world. Demonstrating the global nature of ACM, the roster of 2015 ACM Distinguished Members hail from Argentina, Belgium, Canada, China, Egypt, Finland, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Portugal, Qatar, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Areas of specialty of the 2015 Distinguished Members include curriculum design, systems design and architecture, critical systems security, internet structure and security, high performance computing, human-computer interaction, programming languages, mobile and wireless networks, database management, and software engineering. The criteria for selection to the Distinguished Member grade include at least 15 years of professional experience, five years of continuous ACM membership, and significant accomplishments or impact within the computing field." 

Congratulations Tao!

Congratulations to Angello Astorga Awarded a Scholarship to Attend 2016 Programming Languages Mentoring Workshop

Illinois ASE PhD student Angello Astorga has been awarded a scholarship to attend the 2016 Programming Languages Mentoring Workshop. This year's workshop is being held in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Congratulations, Angello!