Sunday, September 17, 2017

Illinois ASE Undergraduate Researchers Analyzed Contestant Performance of a Code Hunt Contest

Over the 2017 summer, a group of Illinois ASE undergraduate students, Adrian Clark, Jonathan Wells, and Jalen Coleman-Lands advised by Professor Tao Xie, in collaboration with PhD student Angello Astorga and high school student Andrew Xie, analyzed the Code Hunt data set (released by Microsoft Research) from a coding contest. Their undergraduate research was supported by the National Science Foundations.

Code Hunt from Microsoft Research is a web-based serious gaming platform being popularly used for various programming contests. Over the summer, the preceding students conducted analysis of the Code Hunt data set (players’ playing history) to focus on contestant performance released by Microsoft Research. This data set contains the programs written by students (only) worldwide during a contest over 48 hours. There are approximately 250 users, 24 puzzles and about 13,000 programs.

The initial results of the data analysis will be presented in the 2017 Workshop on Evaluation and Usability of Programming Languages and Tools (PLATEAU 2017), Vancouver, Canada, October 2017

Adrian Clark, Jonathan Wells, Angello Astorga, Andrew Xie, Jalen Coleman-Lands, and Tao Xie. Preliminary Analysis of Contestant Performance for a Code Hunt Contest. In Proceedings of the 8th Workshop on Evaluation and Usability of Programming Languages and Tools (PLATEAU 2017), Vancouver, Canada, October 2017. [PDF]

Great job, AdrianJonathanAngelloAndrew, and Jalen!! 

Thank Microsoft Research for releasing the Code Hunt data set to engage the academic community to study such valuable educational data! 

Jalen Coleman-Lands, Jonathan Wells, Adrian ClarkTao Xie,  Angello Astorga (from lef to right)

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Group BBQ Party for Greeting New Students and Farewell to Prof. Wo

Illinois ASEers had a fantastic BBQ party at Hessel Park on Saturday evening to welcome new graduate students, Joey, Liia, Wenyu, Yue and Zexuan, and say farewell to Prof. Wo, our visiting professor from Beihang University.

Preparing lots of foods for the party...

Special thanks to Mingming and Liia for their awesome cooking!

We had many attendees: Chiao, David (Wei), Joey (Jiayi), Jonathan, Liia, Mingming, Ping, Wenyu, Wing, Prof. Wo, Prof. Xie, Xueqing, Yue, Zexuan, Zhengkai, etc. Everybody enjoyed the food and the games!

Monday, May 1, 2017

Illinois ASE Group Farewell Party for the Group End-of-Year Celebration and Dengfeng Li's Graduation

Illinois ASE Group Farewell Party 2017 on April 28, 2017 for celebrating the group's achievements and Dengfeng Li's Graduation, with BBQ party at Prof. Tao's house!
Congratulations to Dengfeng Li (Davis) on the right of the picture below:

Monday, January 30, 2017

Illinois ASE Group Lunar New Year 2017 Gathering

Illinois ASE Group Lunar New Year 2017 Gathering on January 27, 2017 for celebrating Lunar New Year, with Chinese food, drink at Prof. Tao's house! (One ASEer, David, is absent due to other things.)

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Congratulations to Wing for being named a State Farm Companies Foundation Doctoral Scholar

Wing Lam, a PhD student in our ASE Illinois group, has been named a State Farm Companies Foundation Doctoral Scholar. Scholars receive a $6,000 fellowship for use during academic year 2016-2017.  

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Congratulations to Davis for being named a Siebel Scholar

Dengfeng "Davis" Li, an MS student in our ASE Illinois group, has been named a Siebel Scholar for the Class of 2017. He is one of five students in CS @ Illinois who received this award for 2017. In recognition of their outstanding academic record and leadership, the Siebel Scholars will receive $35,000 during their final year of study.

The student in the second to the right is Davis.

Read more here.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Illinois ASE Group Going away party for Pinjia and Tao / Welcome back party

The Illinois ASE Group gathered on Sept. 9th, 2016 for celebrating the departure of Pinjia, our group's visiting student this summer, and Tao, who is going to China for teaching CS101 in ZJU-UIUC institute. We also celebrated MingMing, our new visiting student for joining our group!

Group members had dinner at Destihl and then headed out for laser tag. Two intense games between group members made us all sweaty as much as the heavy rain outside that night did too. Davis and Ping acheived remarkably high scores in shooting everyone. :)

After the games, all of our group members grabbed some drinks, fruits and ice creams at Schnucks and went to Tao's house to play the board game "The Resistance" supplied by Wing. The game was contested with Zhengkai's and Tao's talkative strategies and Pinjia acting like a real "silent spy".

Chiao, Davis, Mingming, Ping, Pinjia, Tao (Only join the board game), Wing, Zhengkai

Below are our pictures taken at Destihl: