Friday, May 3, 2019

Congratulations to Graduating Students Liia, Shirdon, Xueqing, Zexuan!

Four ASEers, Liia Butler, Shirdon Gorse, Xueqing (Susan) Liu, and Zexuan Zhong, are going to graduate the end of this Fall 2019 or this Summer 2019, congratulations!

Liia will continue her PhD career in the Illinois ASE group. Shirdon will join Uber. Xueqing will make a career choice soon. Zexuan will become a PhD student at Princeton starting this fall.

The Illinois ASE group held a farewell meeting for them. They shared invaluable moments and advice to other ASEers.

From left to right, first row: Liia, Zexuan, Tao, and Xueqing(Susan); second row: Neil (Zirui), Zhilei, Linyi, Wenyu, Shirdon, Jonathan, and Zhengkai.

Wish them all the best in their future career!

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