Sunday, April 8, 2018

Congratulations to Siwakorn (Ping) and Zexuan for securing the 1st place in UIUC ICPC Spring Coding Contest!

Team ASEVeterans, formed by two current ASE members, Siwakorn (Ping) Srisakaokul and Zexuan Zhong, won the first place in the UIUC ICPC Spring Coding Contest held on April 7 by being the only team who solved all 13 ACM ICPC-level coding challenges. They were also the first to come up with correct solutions for 8 of the problems.

Siwakorn (Ping) is currently a third-year PhD student. He competed in ACM-ICPC World Finals 2016 by being in the first place at Chicago regional contest as part of the UIUC team. Zexuan is currently a first-year MS student. He also competed in ACM-ICPC and won Gold Medals at Changchun and Chicago regional contests.

Scoreboard at the end of the contest

Ping and Zexuan working together

Well done,  Siwakorn (Ping) and Zexuan!

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