Thursday, June 9, 2016

Former ASEer Undergrad Student KaMar Galloway Mentioned in the Google for Education Blog

The Google for Education Blog made a blog post on "Accelerating CS Education in Local Communities: The Stats by State", in which a former ASEer undergrad student (at NC State) KaMar Galloway, now a Program Manager of Google CS First, was mentioned:

"Our Computer Science Summer Institute (CSSI) provides opportunities for diverse students like KaMar Galloway to strengthen their CS skills and prepare them for a technical career. CSSI was instrumental in KaMar’s pursuit of CS at North Carolina State University and eventually his role on our CS First team, which aims to engage 1 million students in CS, particularly those from underrepresented groups."

See here an old news item from NC State on KaMar's winning the opportunity to attend 2009 Google Computer Science Summer Institute (CSSI), seven years ago!

Very proud of what our former ASEers like KaMar are doing out there impacting the society!!

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