Sunday, February 21, 2016

Study rates ICSE 2012 StackMine paper by Microsoft Research Asia (co-authored by Tao Xie) among the most practically relevant of the past five years

An ICSE 2012 research paper on StackMine, authored by researchers from Microsoft Research Asia's Software Analytics group and Tao Xie, was rated among the most practically relevant software engineering research (ranked the second place) of the last five years in a recent industrial relevance study.

The study, published in ESEC/FSE 2015 (a flagship conference in software engineering), was conducted by researchers from Microsoft Research Redmond and Singapore Management University. These researchers asked 512 software developers to rate the relevance of 571 research papers (based on reading paper summaries that reflect research ideas in these papers) in order to determine how relevant software engineering research is to practitioners in the field. The second greatest number of respondents rated the ICSE 2012 research paper on StackMine, as "essential" to software development practice.

The high-practice-impact StackMine system was developed by Microsoft Research Asia's Software Analytics group to enable performance debugging in the large in practice. It mines callstack traces to help performance analysts effectively discover highly impactful performance bugs (e.g., bugs impacting many users with long response delay). As a successful technology-transfer effort in December 2010, StackMine has effectively helped a Microsoft team with their performance analysis tasks, especially for a large number of execution traces. 

Although we don't necessarily endorse the study methodology or results in this ESEC/FSE 2015 study, we are always delighted to see that the ICSE 2012 research paper on StackMine with high industry impact was rated as the second in this ESEC/FSE 2015 study on industrial relevance of software engineering research. It would be interesting to investigate which other papers among the highly rated ones in the study include research that already achieves high industry impact, as the ICSE 2012 research paper on StackMine did. We have been busy with pursuing more high-industry-impact research, without having time to do such investigation but would be happy to hear your investigation results if you have them :).

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